Hobbies: Why They Don’t Deserve To Die Out

Music, a hobby of humans since we were banging on drums back in the ice caves. Only 90 BCE kids will remember…

Yuliia Hrytskiv
February 1, 2020

There is no reason for hobbies to become things of the past.

With having to constantly keep up their marks and worry about getting into a good college or university, high schoolers can forget that an active life outside of school is a component of happiness. Today, many people confuse hobbies with more work to do, something that they need to become professionals in, causing people to refuse to try things. The truth is that there is absolutely no good argument against having a hobby, because it is something that makes you feel better and brings you joy. While for some people, hobbies may turn into successful careers, for others, they just stay as hobbies forever.

It is good when you have a passion you want to pursue, but what to do if you are not interested in anything? Fortunately, it’s not a helpless situation. We all know about passion, but really, a single passion does not exist. Therefore, you can choose any hobby you want even if you don’t feel like you were born to do it. Experts suggest to keep trying things, and that eventually, you will either fall in love with a hobby or understand that it is not your thing at all. My advice to you is to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, for it will bring you deep feelings of meaning and satisfaction.

Skydiving: maybe not your first choice, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Moreover, a lot of high schoolers complain about not having time to “live” due to large amounts of work in school. However, having hobbies and spending time on them will not make your grades go down. Studies have shown that hobbies increase your productivity, allowing you to work smarter, not harder. Hobbies make you more creative and are enormously beneficial to your mental and physical health. Scientists studying this issue say that if you make time for your hobbies, you will feel better and find school to be easier. While this is something that’s supposed to make you more interested in pursuing a hobby, this is the wrong perspective to look from. A hobby is not something that you should do to be more successful at your work, but is rather about taking time for yourself that you deserve.

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