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Hi everyone, and welcome to the inaugural issue of the Husky Herald!

Hudson had a newspaper in the past, but this year, everything is going to change. We’re going to be putting out content every month for you guys, and with any luck, it should appeal to just about everyone! We’ll have stuff for the gamers, the academics, the politicos, the sports fans, the music lovers, and everyone in between. That’s all thanks to our writers, who create all this awesome stuff that’s actually written by people who do this not for a paycheque, but because they enjoy it. Okay, maybe they do it partially for university resumes or whatever, but it’s mostly because they enjoy it.

In any case, I hope you guys enjoy this new and improved version of the paper, but trust me, it’s only going to get better. In any case, welcome to the first edition of the Husky Herald!

Julian Apolinario, Editor-in-Chief

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Playlist: Husky Herald Presents; Good Feel Rap

Tien Nguyen
November 6, 2019

Here’s a rap playlist to keep your stresses at bay, found on Spotify. Just go to the link, and relax.

Husky Herald Presents: Good Feel Rap

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Photos: Spirit Week

Illiyan Khamis
November 4, 2019

Class of 2022
War! What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Who doesn’t like anime?
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Halloween Crossword (We Know It’s November, So Sue Us)

Leonie Wintersperger and Thy Nguyen
November 4, 2019

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Game Review: Greedfall

The main character of the game, De Sardet, looking over a cliff.

Shi Shaochen
October 21, 2019



Platforms: PC/Xbox One/Playstation 4
Release Date: September 9th, 2019
Developer: Spiders
Storytelling: 4/5; Great story
Control: 3/5; You will die if you use the rapier
Immersion: 5/5; Even the way characters talk is immersive
Overall: 4/5; Very impressive

My name is De Sardet. I am legate of the Merchant Congregation here on Teer Fradee.

– De Sardet

On the battlefield you see muskets firing, men gunning down a young, shirtless indigenous warrior. His mouth opens and closes, then opens again, trying to speak his language in vain. As a well-educated noble, you know it is the hole in his lungs that makes him unable to speak. Yet, you can clearly see his bloodshot eyes filled with tears. Was it because of the pain, or something else? While you stand there, pondering, the native warrior struggles to get up, and begins running at you with his weapon in the air. Another gunshot is fired by your most trusted companion, and the man falls down, the bullet burning the last bit of life out of him. 

This is Greedfall.

It is extremely bold for a studio to make a game about colonialism; even most big companies wouldn’t dare to cross that line. Yet after Greedfall released, it made people realize that the concept itself can make a product that is a piece of art. The game itself is an open-world action/RPG set in a fantasy/discovery era hybrid universe. You play as De Sardet, the legate (diplomat) of a state called the Merchant Congregation. De Sardet is the cousin of Constantin d’Orsay, governor of the new-founded island colony, New Serene. With the discovery of this new island, city ports stimulate its economy to an unprecedented stage, making the Merchant Congregation play an important role in the political games played there.

Based off European city-states, the Congregation is not the only fictional group in the game. There are four other factions: the Bridge Alliance, Theleme, Coin Guard and Naut, all of which are also filled with stereotypical elements. Bridge Alliance is a Middle Eastern-inspired pedantocracy that led the technological advance into the present. However, they also secretly perform human experiments in order to cure the Malichor, a terrifying disease similar to the Black Death, an important part of the story. Theleme is a theocratic state where everybody dresses like Dutch priests and plays with magic. They believed that sorcerers caused the Malichor, so they established witch-hunts in everywhere. The Coin Guard seem to be simple mercenaries in the beginning, yet if the player digs deeper into the plot of the game, they will find out that the Guard’s administration is unbelievably chaotic and decadent, something that impacts the story. The Nauts are a Maori-like navigator guild that dominate transportation. Although they are the only normal group on the island, they do have some brutish traditions. Their society is extremely discriminatory, leaving you with the choice of acting kindly them them despite their persecution of others, or dealing with the problem head on.

Greedfall, at the end of the day, is a story about corruption. Do you ignore the carnage being wrought upon the native population to preserve diplomatic relations with the colonizers? Will you fight beside the oppressed “savages,” even if you must leave thousands of your own people to die to do so?

The developers of this game, Spiders, is a small studio, which usually results in poor visual for games. Greedfall is different. Yes, the graphics are not as realistic as those in a AAA game, yet once you enter the game, the art style, almost like an oil painting, will quickly submerge you into the world of Greedfall. From the plagued city to the wilderness, the game delivers a great variety of artwork. Decks of ships, the barely visible outline of land under the grey-blue sky, sea breeze caressing the face of De Sardet, and thick, epic orchestra slowly playing as if it’s narrating the history of the old world—that’s the impression you get in Greedfall. The game is remarkably immersive.

The only parts of the game which I personally don’t like are the controls and the weapons. The actual fighting is a mix of that of Dark Souls and The Witcher;  however, the weapon system is incredibly off-balanced. Players with firearms can easily shoot an experienced veteran to death in 5 seconds, while others who prefer melee combat need to duel for at least 5 minutes to get the same effect. I suppose that is historically accurate, though. Luckily, the game will let you choose the difficulty.

In conclusion, if you want to experience an immersive fantasy adventure, enjoy telling lies again and again, or studying the inner logic of romanticized colonialism, please step onto the soil of Teer Fradee and begin your journey of black powder, flesh and nature.


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Why Going To School In Your Underwear Wasn’t Just A Nightmare: False Memories

The Limbic System *Dramatic Lighting*

Yasmine Ghalayini
October 28, 2019

False memories: everyone has them, but what are they?

False memories are a psychological phenomenon where your brain only captures bits and pieces of experiences that actually happened. Every time you look back at a memory, your brain filters information into the gaps in the memory that have accumulated over time; bits and pieces of information that are missing in the memory are simulated.

Often, these pieces of information reflect the reality of the person at the specific time they are recalling that memory, changing the way someone experiences it depending on the time that they are remembering it. Over multiple years after having the experience, the gaps in said memory get bigger and bigger, thus causing the brain to filter in more and more memories. This results in memories that are partially false, and eventually, almost completely made up.

Many theories have been made for the reason that this happens, one of them involving the hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for memories). The hippocampus stores important long term memories and information. If a memory is not often accessed, the hippocampus deems it unnecessary. Thus, in order to make room for newer memories, it lets go of unimportant details. When the brain accesses the memory, it filters information into the memory gaps created by the hippocampus and allows the person to remember the experience, albeit differently. As time passes, the hippocampus lets go of more and more unnecessary details, thus causing partially false, or in time, almost completely false memories.

Now, you should have a good explanation of why you have these memories about something that are so different from the way that the thing actually happened.

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Future Med Students: Try To Learn Something From This Guy

Bobby Liston, the G.O.A.T. surgeon of the 1800s.

Julian Apolinario
October 27, 2019

We are very lucky to live in this day and age; a time without slavery, a time where people are accepted for who they are, and most importantly, a time with the internet. However, there’s something that all of us take for granted: “drinking like they’re coming to saw your leg off” is only an expression.

Back in the 1800s, doctors fully embodied the expression “can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em,” because they’d literally either save you or kill you. See, at the time, the odds of dying if you went to a surgeon were roughly 25%, meaning that people who played Russian Roulette had a better chance of not dying than people who needed to get a leg removed. Conversely, you couldn’t wait and hope that the infection in your arm would just go away, so 75% was better than nothing.

Not only that, but there was no anesthesia at the time, so the best you were going to get was a swig of whiskey and a hard slap on the back before you got held down by three medical students and operated on by your likely half-drunk doctor. And even after all of that effort, you might just die of another infection from your newly amputated leg. All of these factors combined meant that surgery was a necessary evil, and the best surgeons were smart, quick, and cleaned up after themselves, which made doctors and hitmen have a lot in common for a few years there.

Robert Liston was all that and more. Born and raised a Scotsman, Liston entered university at 14 years old and chose to study medicine at the University of Edinburgh, eventually specializing in anatomy and surgery. At only 21 (a dream for anyone wanting to go into pre-med) he became the house surgeon for the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Everyone recognized that this man, barely out of his teen years, was an amazing surgeon, but why?

Liston was an terrific surgeon for many reasons: he was clean, he washed his hands, and he used good tools. However, Liston could be as clean as he wanted and use a chainsaw made of glass, but still, all anyone would say about him was “man, that guy was fast.”

And fast he was. Liston could amputate a leg in under three minutes, an impressive feat when you think about how modern surgeons take more than thirty minutes to remove one toe. Because of this, Robert became known as “the fastest knife in the West End,” something that sounds like the nickname for a British John Wick. Naturally, he had some downsides too. He sounded very cocky, his catchphrase being an instruction to his audiences to “time me, gentlemen”. Also, if he even heard that you might be a sloppy surgeon, he’d yell at you worse than Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen. Surprise, surprise, he was also a brutal teacher, the type that fails their student for an 89%. However, for all his faults, Robert was generally held in good esteem, and managed to completely flip that 25% mortality rate on its head, maintaining a 10% mortality rate during his career.

However, Robert slipped up sometimes, since naturally, speed was of the essence, and who cared if their surgeon was a centimetre too far to the right? Unless, you’re the guy that lost his right testicle to Robert’s blade. While he probably wasn’t too disappointed that he got to live and all, he only wanted the leg removed, and wasn’t too keen on that extra 5% off.

However, this incident seems like a minor issue when compared to his most famous mishap: Robert was doing his average, run of the mill leg surgery, when something happened. Maybe he was having an off day, but he accidentally took two fingers off one of his assistants on the down- swing of his blade, and on the upswing, he cut through a spectator’s jacket. The man was so frightened, he collapsed and died from the scare. Luckily for him, he was soon joined by Liston’s assistant and the amputee, who both died from infections of their wounds caused by none other than good old Robert “10%” Liston.

Robert Liston accomplished many things, but above all else, holds the record for highest mortality rate in a single surgery: 300%.

*Liston was actually a very good surgeon FOR HIS TIME and it is uncertain whether or not these stories are actually true.*

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The 2019 Canadian Election: Before and After

The Four Major Party Leaders*, Not Actually The Kahoot Loading Screen

Fares Magahed
October 24, 2019

Pre Election

The upcoming election is the biggest news all over Canada because it will have a huge impact  on the country. As incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes an appearance in Calgary, the Liberals show confidence that they will hold the seats they currently have. On the other side of the street, there is a peaceful rally of Conservative supporters campaigning against Trudeau. The people here are holding signs that say things like “Alberta First, Liberals Last.” The people of Alberta are opposed to Trudeau because he declared war on the Conservative leaders and the oil interests that support them, stationed here in Alberta. While there is not much support for the Liberals in Alberta, they still hold many of the votes.

Outside of Alberta, the odds are that the Liberal Party will win most of Canada’s seats, but will not be able to  hold onto their majority government. The Conservatives are likely to finish a close second. The NDP is also running a strong campaign. Their leader, Jagmeet Singh, has ruled out any chance of working with the Conservatives if a Liberal minority was to happen, but would not rule out working with the Liberals in a minority scenario, despite past “blackface” incidents involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. While the NDP is going strong, the Liberals or Conservatives still look like they have the highest chance of winning. 

Post Election

Looking back, you can see that the previous piece was more or less accurate. The Liberals won 157 seats and Conservatives got 121 seats. These results show that the Liberals have won another election with Trudeau as their face, though they did not win a  majority. While the Conservatives have a 34.4% vote share and just over six million votes, the Liberals got a 33.1% vote share and just under six million votes. One can only hope that the Liberals continue to build upon what they already started and continue making Canada a better place in the years to come. 

*Elizabeth May has recently stepped down as the leader of the Green Party, though she was the leader of the party during the 2019 Canadian Election

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The Cost Of Entertainment

This isn’t the worst thing you’ll see on the ice

Konrad Sharma
November 4, 2019

About two and a half months ago, a Canadian led research team showed that eye injuries, primarily by puck or stick, cost Canadian hockey teams and the Canadian medical system more than $3 million dollars a year. Similarly, researchers also discovered that roughly half the players in the NHL are injured and lose playing time every year.

New research shows that, if all players wore visors, the cost of injuries would be a quarter of what they are today. The total payout for injuries (to cover time away from the game) is over $200 million dollars a year. Thirty percent of that total cost, about $70 million dollars, was due to leg and foot injuries. The next most common injuries are to the head and neck, costing around 60 million dollars. However, head injuries result in the longest time away from playing because they are generally the most dangerous. On the other hand, eye injuries cost only a fraction of the total payouts to players. Overall, the cost is rather staggering.

Should minor hockey leagues and the NHL be doing more to protect their players? While the game is incredibly entertaining, it costs a lot of money and has a large effect on the quality of life of its players. This includes effects on their mental health or in their personal lives, so at the end of the day, is the cost of entertainment too high?

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Book Review: Jurassic Park

One of those guys is a beloved character, and the other one died on a toilet

Taylor Nyman
November 4, 2019

Jurassic Park is a science fiction novel by Michael Crichton. It was first published in 1990 and has since become a very popular title, spawning a sequel and movie franchise. The book takes place on Isla Nublar, a fictional island off the coast of Costa Rica, and the main characters are a diverse group of characters such as dinosaur experts, businessmen, nice children, and terrible children.

Most of this book takes place on Isla Nublar, where a group of scientists have made genetically engineered dinosaurs for an amusement park called Jurassic Park. The book’s plot is about a group of people going to the island for a weekend to test the park, but something goes wrong and the rest of the book is based around that problem.

Overall, I give Jurassic Park  ⅘ stars. This book has many good characters, some quite likeable, others quite annoying, but good characters nonetheless. The book switches between the different perspectives of the characters, making for an interesting way of telling the story. One of the things about this book that bothered me a little bit was that some parts were kind of unnecessary and went on for too long. Other than that, there is not much to complain about, though some scientific inaccuracies may bother certain people. This book is a great book that I would strongly recommend it for people who like science fiction and dinosaurs. For people who like the Jurassic Park movies, I think that the book is probably better than the films, and is one that you should definitely read.    


Music Review

Album Spotlight: Welcome Home

Aries’ haunting silhouette welcome’s home fans both old and new.

Tien Nguyen
October 26, 2019

Artist: Aries
Genre: Rap/Pop
Release Date: April 18th, 2019
Length: 9 tracks; 24 minutes

On April 18th, recording artist, producer, and former YouTuber Aries dropped his debut album WELCOME HOME. Aries is one of those genre-bending emo rap artists similar to Post Malone and Juice WRLD. On this album, he invites you into his personal hell. Yet, with his vibrant production and music videos, most of his songs will leave you with a smile on your face. Overall, WELCOME HOME is a very easy listen and is a great introduction to Aries.